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2x1 m

Profil Frame
Height 140 mm

Locking Key
for Cover Plate

Corner Protection
Cover Plate

Frame System


The theatre profile for variable spans.

In contrast to the classic stage platforms, the frame profile is set up separately from the panel covering. Element frames of 1-6 m length can be produced in different shapes and heights. The aluminium profile with a height of 14 cm is particularly stable and can be supplied with drill holes in any desired grid. If the span width is extended, the frames are supported by intermediate beams. During assembly, the individual frames with the leg construction are set up first. The support plates are connected to the frame profile by means of a quick locking system.

The connection of the elements and the attachment of accessories is done with standard screws. Filling pieces for stabilisation are available as required.

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Product Information

  • Multiplex 21 mm, black varnished; optional greater thickness
  • Standard size 2x1 m - special sizes up to 6x1 m possible
  • Design: one intermediate beam per metre of span, screwed in and movable
  • Load capacity: 7.5 kN/m² static area load
  • Stacking height: approx. 14 cm frame, approx. 4 cm boards (incl. guide blocks)
  • Leg attachment corner: 45-55 mm (double, welded) / 40-60 mm (screwed)
  • Groove channel: centre channel stepped on both sides with hole pattern for connecting the frames


  • for larger spans in stage & theatre construction
  • for seat row elevations with theatre pitch
  • cover plates with locking device
  • removable cover plates make the storage space underneath usable
  • extensive accessory range
  • excellent stability and durability

Equipment Features

Cover Plate Lock

Suitable Accessories

References & Application areas

Giga Podiums as grandstand
Giga platforms on transport trolleys
Giga Platforms with reinforcement
Giga podiums as stage
Giga Podiums as grandstand
Giga platforms on transport trolleys
Giga podiums with plug-in legs & reinforcement
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Giga platforms under construction
Railing at Giga podium
Giga platforms with reinforcement
Welded Giga frame with corner protection
Giga podiums as grandstand
Giga podiums as grandstand
Giga Podiums as grandstand
Screwed leg mounting corner
Mounting points for lengthways reinforcement
Welded Giga frame with corner protection