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Floor Protection Coverings

The mobile protective layer for your hall floor.

With the BÜTEC multi-purpose floor protection coverings in 2x1 m format the next event can come. BÜTEC floor protection coverings can be used everywhere to protect sensitive hall floors, e.g. in sports halls, multipurpose halls, hotels, community halls, at trade fairs and exhibitions. The coverings have an impact sound absorbing effect and can also be laid out as carpet on stage platforms.

BÜTEC protective coverings are non-slip and suitable transport or storage trolleys are available.

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Without a trace.

Thanks to an innovative, environmentally friendly and colour-neutral back coating, the coverings leave neither traces nor abrasion marks when removed.


Pleasant atmosphere.

After laying out the mats, your hall will optically have a complete carpet covering, the individual joints are hardly visible in their entirety. With the construction of tables, chairs, decorations and stage you will get an event hall according to your needs.


BÜTEC floor protection coverings comply with the current EN standard of fire protection specifications - Bfl Si1. They are also impact sound insulated and antistatic.

No sticking.

Multi-purpose floor protection coverings from BÜTEC are so easy to handle that even large areas can be laid within a very short time. A corresponding number of the 2 m² floor panels are simply driven to the site of application with the storage trolley and the individual mats are laid out next to each other with butt joints. Time-consuming bending is no longer necessary, as the boards can be quickly laid on the floor due to their own weight. In combination with the room temperature, the mats nestle up to the subfloor.


Easy to clean.

The needlefelt top layer is mottled and therefore insensitive to dirt. Like every hardwearing carpet, BÜTEC's multi-purpose floor protection covering can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Heavy soiling can easily be removed with foam cleaners. In contrast to metre-long roll goods, wet or damaged boards can be replaced quickly and selectively in the area of 2 m².


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