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Ball Safety Nets

The right net for every requirement.

BÜTEC offers the right net for every requirement, for all kinds of ball sports and the puk at ice hockey - in front of stands in order not to endanger spectators or simply as protection for glass or technical equipment.

Different designs are delivered or also mounted:  

  • like a curtain in a skidding rail or with a rope pull, manually opened to the sides
  • vertically gathered - like dividing curtains with electrically driven shaft system
  • simply suspended or braced

Knotted nylon nets or knotless polypropylene nets, in various mesh sizes and twine thicknesses, are available with and without selvedge stitching. Standard colour: natural white. Impregnations for UV stability, flame retardancy according to class B1, DIN 4102-1 or dyeing are possible.

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References & Application areas

Safety net in front of grandstand
Safety net in front of grandstand
Ball catching net with hoist
Ball safety net for hall
Ball safety net for sports hall
Ball catching net hoist