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Railing Height 110 cm
Width 50 cm

Railing Height 110 cm
Width 100 cm

Railing Height 110 cm
Width 200 cm

Fastening to Compact
only on top

Grandstand Railing Compact

Alu Height 110 cm

Railing for fastening on compact corner with vertical safety braces.

BÜTEC grandstand railing for compact, modular railing, posts made of square tube, also available as corner posts or intermediate posts; the grid segment is removable; horizontal braces made of round tube Ø 50x3mm, vertical braces made of round tube Ø 20x2mm; the posts are screwed with foot plates on the compact corner. Standard lengths 0.5 m, 1 m & 2 m. Special lengths available. 

ATTENTION: There are different variations of this railing. Use our information sheet to identify the correct variant.

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