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Railing Height 100 cm
Width 50 cm

Railing Height 100 cm
Width 100 cm

Railing Height 100 cm
Width 200 cm

Mounting with
Railing Bracket

Safety Holders

Grandstand & Stage Railing

Steel Height 100 cm

Railing for lateral attachment to the frame profile with vertical safety braces.

BÜTEC grandstand & stage railings made of square tube, black epoxied; two vertical posts with safety grid, distance of the struts 12 cm; lower edge of the grid 10 mm above platform. Additional lower chord underneath the platform frame for load transfer to the platform legs, complete with all accessories & connectors, weight: approx. 15.5 kg/m. Available in the lengths 0.5 m, 1 m & 2 m. Special lengths possible.

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