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Stage technology of the new generation

Equipment of the Volkshaus Jena with 110 m² Solodrive One motor platform & 50 m² Servo Stage platforms with parquet surface.

The Volkshaus Jena was one of the first independent educational institutions in Germany to be established on the North American model. With over 100 years of history and the lovingly preserved original architecture with art nouveau elements, the historic building of the Volkshaus fascinates all its guests.

Planning, production and assembly all from one source, in the production halls in Mettmann.

Within the scope of the complete renovation, the heart of the hall, the stage, was to be brought up to the latest state of the art. Due to the high capacity utilisation and the constantly changing programme, the focus was particularly on the following points:

  • short conversion times
  • reduced physical stress
  • quick design possibilities of the stage set

Until now, the stage sets had to be transported back and forth from the basement several times a week and laboriously assembled and disassembled. With the use of the SOLODRIVE ONE stage, a multitude of different scene configurations are now available. Using a specially developed touch panel, the pre-programmed settings can be changed at short notice for all or just individual platforms as required. The user then has the possibility to save the newly defined setup layouts.

Each platform has to be manufactured precisely and professionally, like all products in the house of BÜTEC. An in-house acceptance by an expert and the structural engineer makes the processes easier. Nearly every project in the field of motorised stage construction has its specialities, also in this project. Here there were bridge elements, which are driven by the SOLODRIVE ONE platforms. The long lasting know-how of the whole BÜTEC crew, the own production halls, as well as short decision ways, give the customer a satisfaction guarantee "Made in Mettmann".

Stage set in Minutes

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