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Room in room solutions with BÜTEC Studio & Studio Economy

Develop mobile room in room solutions with the curtain fabrics and curtain rails Studio & Studio Economy from BÜTEC.

Whether with or without stage substructure the BÜTEC Studio or Studio Economy rails create almost every room-in-room solution. Whether for separation, for acoustic reduction or just for decorative purposes, the BÜTEC curtain rails can be fixed in straight lines, but also in all special shapes, on ceiling or wall. The special pendulum-free ceiling suspensions make it possible to equip even longer distances with curtains. Depending on budget and degree of utilization the curtain technology can be moved manually or motorized. Here in the case study of a canteen, a playful manual curtain guide was chosen. A touch patch was sewn onto the fabric to counteract the excessive strain on the fabric at the pulling points. A successful room-in-room concept to visually differentiate the individual classes of the canteen. The fabrics also serve as acoustic absorbers. The colour scheme, adapted to the stage substructure and the seating, invites to a happy and relaxed togetherness.

Here the BÜTEC studio rail was installed on measure. At the required places (given by the architect's office) the rail was bent. Due to the relatively high ceiling suspension of over 2 m, pendulum-free and height-adjustable ceiling suspensions were developed and manufactured. The same applies to the wall brackets. The curtain fabric, which was to be guided manually, was provided with touch patches at the pulling points.

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