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New rollable stage for the Verti Music Hall

Equipment of the Verti Music Hall in Berlin with a rollable BÜTEC stage area of 18 x 12 m size. Ready for the next sold out event!

On a rollable BÜTEC stage area of 18 x 12 m size and adjustable in height from 1,00 to 1,50 m, concerts in the field of rock, pop, classical music and much more will take place from now on in the newly built event hall "Verti Music Hall" in Berlin.

The smooth-running BÜTEC rolling system allows an extremely easy and effort-saving operation of the 216 m² large stage system. But that's not all: Also the mobile grandstand front at the stands was made of BÜTEC - platforms in special construction. By integrated adapter plates in the carrier plates, the existing grandstand seats can be hooked in very easily and therefore the tiers can be completed mobile. Especially the railings were a special production according to the client's specifications. High-quality oak handrails were built into the safety railings. 

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